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Discover unmatched scenic
beauty and countless getaway
adventures in the Tri-State
region of Illinois, Iowa & Wisconsin.

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We invite you to join
our mission to promote tourism
in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Our Goal:

The Tri-State Tourism Council embraces a regional tourism approach,
marketing Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin under the Upper Mississippi River
Valley branding. Tri-State Tourism Council provides and publicizes a variety
of attractions/lodging to potential visitors to generate longer and more
extensive stays in the Tri-State area.

 Our Mission:

To  continue to form partnerships with local businesses, organizations
and communities to promote tourism and travel to the Tri-State area of Illinois,
Iowa and Wisconsin. We want to positively impact the overall economic benefit
of hosting visitors.

Our Benefits:

The benefits of being a member of Tri-State Tourism can
be narrowed down to networking, advocacy, education, marketing,
recognition and promotions.

Tri-State Tourism Council publishes a map/brochure of approximately 50,000 quantities annually that is a very popular piece. Our membership allows a free listing in the brochure. Our website: http://www.tristatetourism.com  offers a free listing, free photos and links to your website and email address.

  • Annual Spring Tourism Conference is put on by the Tri-State Tourism Council

  • Maximize your advertising dollars and increase your promotional opportunities

  • Optimize you reach into key markets and expand your market base

  • Tri-State Tourism Council can help your business or organization showcase your unique and dynamic selling points

  •  Monthly meetings are rotated within the three states of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin to help us stay connected. Members share what is happening with others from all sectors of tourism

  •  Networking opportunities with other members from all sectors of tourism

  •  As a group, Tri-State Tourism will represent your business/organization on tourism related issues

  •  FREE business listing (where applicable) on our website: http://www.tristatetourism.com including hotlinks to your website and email address

  •  FREE business listing (where applicable) for members in Tri-State Tourism materials

  •  ALL for only the cost of an annual membership of $200

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